OFT (Technology/Assessment and Refinement)

S.N. Institution/ Department Institution/ Department
1 Department of Agriculture Technical support - Gosthies, Trainings, Kisan Melas, Monthly Meeting at District HQ input supply support-Purchasing of seeds and agro-chemicals
2 Department of Horticulture Technical support- Gosthies, Trainings input supply support-purchasing of vegetables seeds and fruit trees planting materials
3 ATMA Technical support, Capacity building, Farmers Field Schools, Revising SREP
4 Department of Sugarcane Technical support supply of sugarcane varieties

326190 हे. = 1 हे. = 10000 वर्गमीटर

In Mahoba District 5 canal System Which are namely Arjun, Urmil, Chandraval, Kabarai and Maghagavan canal system which in Completely depend on pain ponds are namely Keerat Sager, Raheliya Thana Tikamau, Salarpur Pawa Bilakhi, Urwara Badi Banthi, Chhatarwara, Raipura, Vijay Sagar, Dasarapur Kalyan Sagar Bala Sagar, Kamalpura and Kulbahad for irrigation crop production depend on Rainor Monsoon.